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ONE TIME OFFER: Heres a chance for you to get a head start on your results with a 7 day meal plan that I put together that complements Hormone Harmony! With the two of these together, this is the easiest path to proven results! Get the Hormone Harmony Jumpstart Meal Plan For only $14 Normally sold for $27 on its own just leave the box checked and its yours.

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"In this book Dr. Sands provides a great introduction to your hormones, their importance, how to test them, and includes a whole body approach to hormone health. She even includes amazing recipes for a metabolic rehab to help boost your hormones naturally!"

- Stephanie
"I love this book. It’s packed full of useful information that I wish I had had earlier in my life. Better late than never but it’s so important to know how to truly be healthy and manage our hormones. Thank you for this amazing resource. I especially enjoy the link to the videos. Super helpful"

- Jen

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